About Thassos - Christin Calm Houses in Thassos, Potos

About Thassos

An island with rich natural beauty and cosmopolitan style, Thassos is located on the northern side of the Aegean Sea. The green landscape, the exotic beaches, the traditional villages in the mountains and the lovely seaside resorts have made Thassos one of the most popular summer destinations in Greece.

Enjoy the small coves with the azure water, hike in the mountains, try fresh fish in the seaside taverns and watch the sunset from a cafeteria by the beach. Thassos is the ideal place for all ages and all tastes. Most popular beaches on the island include Golden Beach, Paradise, Alyki and Potos. Do not also miss the traditional villages of Theologos, Potamia, Panagia and Kazaviti to get a view of old Thassos.


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